Mi 360 Home Security Camera 1296P (new version)


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Mi 360 Home Security Camera 1296P (new version)


2K Video Resolution – Dual Band Wi-Fi – Bluetooth – Alexa – Google Home Kit – Face Recognition – Privacy Mask – Cry Detector – White

Having a baby changes your life because you start to be more concerned about the safety of your home. Get rid of your fears and buy the new Xiaomi Mi 360o Home Security Camera 2K, a security camera that can be adapted to any place. It has a spectacular resolution quality that reaches up to 2K, perfectly adaptable to all situations with its various technologies and offering you a 360o vision capability.

2K resolution with the best features:

The most important thing in a security camera is to see the images in the best quality. And Xiaomi’s new camera is one of the best video quality cameras around. Its lens has a 2K resolution sensor, which will allow you to see who enters your home with incredible quality. With this image quality you can perfectly distinguish who is in your home and you can control an entire room thanks to its ability to rotate 360 °. In addition, so that you can not only see everything in the best way, but also hear and speak, it is a camera with integrated headphones and speakers.

Dual band Wi-Fi connection:

So you can connect it perfectly and see the images at their best, this camera has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to facilitate the connection to your smartphone. With this connection to your phone you can have several improvements such as being able to see images wherever you are and controlling your camera with Alexa or Google Home Kit so that you have the best connection capability.


Video resolution: 2K (1296 Px), Viewing angle: 360o, Encoding: H.265, Infrared night vision, 3 million pixels, Angle of vision: 110o, Connection: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz

SD card usability (up to 64GB), Works as a Bluetooth hub, Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, Baby cry detector, Speakers and microphone, Input power: 5V / 1A.

Mi 360 Home Security Camera 1296P (new version)

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