Neck Massager - Physical Therapy






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• Pulse massage: 

The electric neck massager uses advanced pulse technology, simulated beating, kneading and shiatsu, which solve your cervical spine and relieve your shoulder pain.

•Multiple massage & heat function:

The deep tissue neck massager adopts electric current simulates five massage methods, like push massage mode, thump massage mode, kneading massage mode, pinch massage mode, shiatsu massage mode, which has 42° constant temperature to ease muscle tension, neck pain treatment and promote blood circulation.

•Ten electrode massage heads:

This neck massager have upgrade 10 electrode massage heads to accurately and comprehensively cover the common sore areas of the shoulder and neck. It has 6 modes and 12 strength adjustment. 0-4 level like ants crawling, 5-8 level like phone vibration and 9-12 level like acupuncture. You can choose you want. We recommend that you start with the lowest force.

•4D smart fitting technology 

You can easily position the electrode according to the neck curve.


Neck Massager – Physical Therapy