Universal Fast Wireless Charger - 15W

Qi Wireless 15W Charger Pad





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Universal Fast Wireless Charger - 15W


  • Slim and Sleek Design: The wireless charger uses minimal space due to the compact and portable design. Its light weight makes it easy to carry, and its elegant look adds value to your personal and professional space.
  • LED Indicator: Monitoring your charging is easy with the LED indicator integrated into the wireless charging pad.
  • Versatile Connectivity: The USB-C to USB-A cable provides all-round connectivity options to power sources with an LED to monitor the charging. It works with every Qi-enabled phones with standard or fast charging capabilities.
  • Premium Quality Build: The charging pad has a luxurious appearance through its 2.5D tempered glass front and an aluminum base. The use of aluminum makes it stronger and sturdier for better durability.
  • Universal Compatibility: This 15W wireless charger applies to various brands’ popular Qi-enabled phone devices with an extensive and broad range of compatibility. It also enables easy charging with most phone cases.
  • Safe And Secure Charging: This Qi-certified wireless charger features multiple safety features like temperature control, over-current, short-circuit prevention, and more. With its over-voltage protection, it is safe to charge while you sleep.
  • Foreign Object Detection: The wireless charging pad immediately detects any unknown objects like keys, pens, jewelry, etc., and stops the charging process to avoid overheating and to keep your expensive phones safe.
  • Phone Case Friendly:  This Qi fast wireless charger works with most case material such as rubber, ultra hybrid, plastic, TPU, etc., and those that are not thicker than 3mm. You just have to place it charge it.
  • Long USB-C Charging Cable:  The 15w wireless charger comes with a cable of 1m/3ft long to charge it without any complications and adjustments. With the aligned charging coils, your phones get stable charging.



Universal Fast Wireless Charger – 15W

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