150PSI Electrical Air Compressor









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150PSI Portable Electrical Air Pump with Pressure Gauge LED Light and 4000mAh USB Rechargeable Power Bank

150PSI Portable Air Pump is a portable pump that will easily take your journey with you. The pump is small, so it can easily fit into your backpack or bag. It does not require an external power supply, which is ideal to take it on a journey. The product allows you to inflate air with a pressure of up to 150 psi, this is enough power to inflate the tyres in the car. Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump is perfect for inflating various tyres, balls or wheels, inflating wheels in a pram or electric scooter.  The product also has a digital display, LED lighting, and power bank, which is a great addition to any night journey.

Technical Specification

  1. German PTFE piston ring. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient, can be used for a long time from -180 ° C to 260 ° C
  2. High temperature resistant thick copper wire. All copper design, small temperature rise, strong power conversion of electric energy
  3. Simple button arrangement. Minimalist design, comfortable touch, key functions-corresponding can easy to operate
  4. Equipped with a variety of inflatable ports such as rotary nozzle, ball needle, French nozzle and long nozzle to meet the needs of daily inflatable equipment.
  5. Integrated design, inflatable tube, power cord, conversion nozzle, each part has its own storage space, which is beautiful and convenient.
  6. LED tire pressure display. Intelligent pre-set charging and stopping. Built-in smart chip, one-time setting, automatic memory, no need to repeat setting. The three standard units can be switched arbitrarily. The tire pressure monitoring and present tire pressure can be clearly displayed.
  7. Multifunction Usage. It can be used as air pump, power bank, LED lighting and tire pressure measurement.
Packing List:
  1. Electrical Pump.
  2. French Air Nozzle Adapter.
  3. Air Needle.
  4. Charging Cable.
  5. User Manual.
150PSI Electrical Air Compressor