Digital Spoon Scale

Ideal tool to weigh butter, flour, cream, tea or spices during cooking or baking.



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Digital Spoon Scale

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  • High Accuracy: this digital measuring spoon scale is equipped with accurate sensors and LCD displays with a score of 0.1g. The measurement range is 0.5g-500g. Note: Because of the principle of mechanics, please read the product when the product is at a horizontal position. Excessive tilt will affect its accuracy.
  • Easy to Use: Press “Mode” button, you can be in G/OZ/C/Gnu, the conversion between the four measurement units can help you measure different types of ingredients and food. When the displayed weight is stable, press the “HOLD” key to lock the displayed weight.
  • Easy to Clean & Storage: this digital spoon scale size of 9 x 2.4 x 1.2″ does not take up too much table space, and you can also hang digital measuring spoon on the wall of the kitchen by hook up. After use, remove the spoon and clean it. Please be careful not to let the water splash inside the electronic scale.
  • Tare Function: the Tare Function allows you to subtract the weight of the container and can help you get accurate food and Ingredient Readings. For more specific ways of use, please refer to the instructions.
  • Multifunction: the surface of the simple and stylish spoon is equipped with a scale. It is very suitable for weighing butter, spices or tea during cooking or baking. It is suitable for kitchen and can also be used for weighing coffee or pet food.
Digital Spoon Scale