Drop and Roll Tower Puzzel Fun

Drop the balls one by one into the top funnel, watch them roll to the next stop, and then grab the transparent spheres from the base to do it all over again…endless fun in the tub.






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Drop and Roll Tower Puzzel Fun


  • Five-layer colorful drop & roll tower with a smiley kitten stacker and 3 ball. Drop the ball let it roll down the ramps. Approx. 16*38cm
  • This toy encourages your toddler to repeat play it helps develop their fine motor skills by encouraging hand-eye coordination, stimulating, exciting, it inspires them to keep playing again & again, giggling & clapping hands when they play the drop & roll tower.
  • The colorful drop ball rolls down the ramp, toddlers watch intently while the ball makes clunking noises as it races to the end anticipating to start again.
  • The drop & roll tower encourages parent-child interaction & communication.



Drop and Roll Tower Puzzel Fun