Happy Baby Sheep Teething Mitt


Happy Baby Sheep Teething Mitts.

-Suitable for babies 3-12 months.

-Available in blue, pink, or grey.







  • Happy Baby Teething Mitts are the perfect solution for babies whose grip reflex has not developed just yet & are not able to grasp or grip a regular teether for a period of time, dropping the teether continually.

  • Happy Baby Mitts are worn just like a mitt directly on either hand.

  • Baby’s natural instinct is to bring their hands & fingers to their mouths particularly when they are teething, they are trying to self soothe those painful, hot, swollen gums to get relief.

  • Happy Baby Teething Mitts have a textured tip, that is made from food-grade silicone & is BPA & Phthalate free & allows them to bite down & massage those little gums without hurting their fingers or covering their hands in saliva which may irritate the skin on their hands.

  • The Mitt also makes a crinkle noise to keep them distracted & amused. (they love to make the crinkle sound with the mitt themselves.)

  • The mitt shape fits all size little hands & is secured with a velcro strap allowing you to adjust it to their size, preventing it from dropping on the floor.

  • Available in three colors, blue, pink & grey.

  • Suitable for ages  3-12 months.

  • Use under adult supervision, clean & check regularly for safety & hygiene purposes.






Happy Baby Sheep Teething Mitt

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