Kaichi Educational Toy Mobile Phone

Baby Mobile Phone Toy with various sounds



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Kaichi Educational Toy Mobile Phone


  1. Parents can guide the baby to pretend to call and chat through the toy phone, interact with them. The baby toy mobile phone is sure to keep your little one entertained and is packed with fun features to help your child learn through play.
  2. Engages your child and keeps them busy as they touch & press the interactive buttons learning to dial & talk encouraging their communication skills, imitating the adults.
  3. The colorful buttons, fun cartoon images and soft lights engage baby and divert their attention away from your true cell phone so as to protect baby’s eyes. Baby can hear different sounds and music, which stimulate their interest in learning, encourages them to imitate the sounds and music and improve their cognitive, language and imitation skills.
  4. This baby toy phone is suitable for kids over 12 months. It has the perfect size for babies’ hands and there are no sharp edges. Full-body design without any small pieces, babies couldn’t get the batteries out on their own. It’s a great present for your little one.
  5. The mobile phone is made of lightweight, approved plastic and is CE certified, guaranteeing that it meets the required European Union standards. Includes two AA batteries, included. Suitable for children over 12 months old.

Package size: 20.5*13.5*5cm
Material: ABS, AS
Function: Lights & multi-sound effects


Kaichi Educational Toy Mobile Phone