Premium Professional Massage Gun

Han Premium Professional Massage Gun delivers high-penetration muscle relief and a faster, more effective recovery.

-Contains 10 massage heads.

-LCD touch screen display.

-Travel case to carry to gym or office.








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Han Premium Professional Massage Gun is a percussive massage tool with 7 levels of powerful speed settings – 1100, 1500, 1800,2300, 2800, 3200, and 3400rpm. The power of percussion therapy can relieve muscle stiffness, strain, and soreness, increase range of motion and so much more. It also promotes greater blood flow and lymph circulation in order to reduce inflammation in painful muscles and joints.

This professional massage gun contains 10 different massage heads and comes in a traveling case.

  • Spherical head is the most common and most versatile massage head. The ball-shaped head has a large contact area and is suitable for every part of the body. It can be used to massage large muscle groups such as arms, lower back, buttocks, thighs, and calves.

  • U-shape Head is a special message head suitable for sensitive areas such as the neck, arm, spine, and achilles tendon.

  • Bullethead is suitable for impacting deep tissues, such as meridians, palms, and soles.

  • Flathead is suitable for the relaxation of various muscle parts. The special flat design can help improve muscle plasticity and shape the lines while massaging.

  • Spinal Head is used for pinpoint muscle treatment and smaller muscle groups like hands and feet, it allows you to dig deep into the tissues.

  • Cylindrical Head is used for deep tissue, such as joint palm and plantar.

  • Spade Head suitable for back, cervical vertebra, and lumbar massage

  • Thumb Head suitable for massage soft tissues can be used for hands and forearms.

  • Double Ring Head is used for bulk muscles, point, and ring

  • Mushroom Head is used for small soft bulk muscle


  • Massages super deep into muscle: This powerful Massage Gun massages & penetrates to provide a deep vibrational massage that breaks up the most intense and stubborn sore muscles. No matter if you need to go deep into your lower back, shoulder, hip – or just about anywhere else – this Massage Gun will hit right where it counts to give you the instant relief you desperately need.

  • Powerful but quiet: The 24V brushless motor, quiet glide noise reduction technology, and the truly exceptional molding and design, this massage gun runs smooth, fast, and super quiet. Crank it up to the highest setting and it’s still not any louder than a casual conversation with a close friend. Easily adjust to the setting you need with the innovative LCD touch screen as well.

  • 7 Speeds: Apply power to only the areas which need it with 7 carefully calibrated gears to customize your massage.

  • Cordless and large battery capability: This unique and very powerful massage device is 100% cordless and comes fully equipped with a 2500 mAh high-quality lithium battery. This means you’ll get 6 long hours of use per single charge.


You should move the massage gun slowly around the muscle area in a circular motion and change the speed setting to suit your needs, with the highest speed reaching 3300 RPM. Start with a slow-speed setting and increase it over time.


Never use the massage gun directly on the joints or bones.

What is included:

1xHan Professional Massage Gun.

10x Premium massage heads.

1x User manual.

1x Traveling case.

1x USB Charging.



Premium Professional Massage Gun

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