Robot Piggy Bank with Desk Lamp

A robot piggy with a hidden folding desk lamp (inside the top of the head)



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Robot Piggy Bank with Desk Lamp


1.  Product Material: Plastic
2. Product Size: 15*10*25cm.
3. Power Supply: 3×1.2V lithium batteries(included), USB charging.
4. Product Function: shining eyes, rolling money automatically, music broadcasting, revisability code, coin storage, sliding robot, desk lamp, mobilizable arm.
5. It is not only a piggy bank, but also a believable toy to benefit kids’ mental abilities.
6. Certificate: 8P/EN71/EN62115


1. Input the factory correct password “0000” , and the banknote door will be opened. But if you input the wrong password, the door will not alllow to be opened.
2. Money storage: put a banknote into the money gap, and the blue lighht flashes, at the same time robot will roll money into the box automatically, then plays the voice of saving money voice at the end.
3. At the state of opening door, it would alarm every 20s to remind you to close the door.
4. The usage of key “#” :
-At the state of closing door, click “#” to transform into music mode, and click again transform into normal mode.
-At the state of closing door, keep pressing the “#” to open or turn off the desk lamp.
-At the state of opening door, click “#” to transform between Chinses language mode and English language mode.
5. The usage of key “*” :
-At the state of opening door, keep pressing “*”, and input four number password, then click “#”, the factory password will be changed.
6. Light:
-Robot’s eyes would flash when rolling money, or at music mode.
-Input correct password to withdraw money, it would broadcast voice when opening the door.
7. Ten songs can be chosen at music mode.


Material: Plastic

Battery: 3×1.2V lithium batteries
Charging time: 120 minutes
Dimension: 15*10*25cm
Package size: 21.5cm * 12cm * 29cm
Package weight: 0.93kgs






Robot Piggy Bank with Desk Lamp