Kaichi Baby Soothing Toy-Rabbit

It has a positive effect on the baby’s senses, sight, hearing and touch. Baby feels safe, calms down and falls asleep more easily.






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Kaichi Baby Soothing Toy-Rabbit


This cuddly bunny is soft and rattles, a little companion for a baby in the buggy, made from recycled materials

Babies can hold on easily and shake the bunny to hear the rattle sound. Its soft ears and cute cheeks will also soothe them as they play.

This is a pleasant soother for children from 6 months

Sustainability: Fabric is 100% certified recycled polyester. Using recycled materials reduces waste, as well as a reliance on fossil fuel-derived materials.

Machine wash cold, low tumble dry.


Kaichi Baby Soothing Toy-Rabbit