Educational Toy Mini Camera

Yellow Toy Photo Camera







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Educational Toy Mini Camera


Learn & play with the Kaichi Mini Camera an interactive sensory toy for baby.

A fun & friendly design that’s lightweight & easy for little hands to grasp & hold.

Lights & music with buttons to press, a pretend viewfinder, pretend lens cap to the front that they can open & close.

It has real camera sounds: it makes the “click” sound of a real camera.

Little one’s role play, interact & communicate with parents, friends & family, counting & repeating phrases, clicking the camera “1-2-3” & “cheese smile are we ready?” lots fun & laughter while they learn, encouraging hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills all while having fun behind the camera.

It is the best toy to stimulate their senses of sight, touch and hearing, and to develop their handling with more complex toys.

Suitable from 12 months plus

Made of 100% Non-toxic and safe materials.

Color: Yellow

Dimension: 13 × 105 × 85mm


Educational Toy Mini Camera